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Special Features
and Benefits

•Factory installed, integrated locking system included free! A single key locks all 5 drawers. No ugly external locking bars, hasps or padlocks.

large document storage

close up of flat files• Welded steel construction with 14-guage corner posts permits cabinets to be stacked to any convenient height. Easily supports loaded work surface placed on top.

• Case-hardened steel ball bearing rollers. Smooth drawer action and lifetime durability.

• Powder-coated finish. Beautiful, mar-resistant, washable surfaces for “permanently new” appearance.

• Double-wall drawer front. Protects precious documents from damage by providing smooth,snag-free inner drawer surfaces without sharp steel edges, screwheads or other projections.

• Parallel-action front paper depressor. Hold papers flat to prevent lifting and curling. Always lies flat without leaving marks. Easily removable.

• Rear hood on each drawer. Prevents papers from curling or sliding over the back of the drawer.

• Drawers have self-closing, anti-bounceback action. Drawers close themselves with a single push; hold themselves in the open position for easy removal and replacement of contents; cannot accidentally be pulled out of the cabinet.

• Large label holders on each drawer and polished, cast metal handles.

cabinet construction
flat file specifications
museum file cabinet




Special Features
and Benefits
The Museum Cabinet is similar in construction and features to the standard flatfile with these changes and additions:

• A full panel completely closes the cabinet bottom.

• The drawer and cabinet rollers have nylon bearing rims in place of steel to prevent particles of the rail powder coat or steel shavings dropping on the contents.

• All lubricants and organic materials have been eliminated to prevent “outgassing” within the enclosed cabinet.
design specs


• The High Base raises the cabinet 20” above the floor to 371⁄2 counter height.

• Provides a large shelf for storage.

• Sides and back are enclosed for a clean, finished appearance.

• Equipped with adjustable levelers.

high base design
the best flat file cabinets
closed base design
• A heavy-gauge steel frame raises the cabinet 6" off the floor. The front is recessed to provide a comfortable toe space when standing in front of the cabinet.
all cabinets made in USA

strong casters• The Caster Kit is a set of 4 non-marring wheels that attach to the 6” base and allow you to easily move the flatfiles on hard surfaces.

• The Leveler Kit provides adjustable levelers to compensate for uneven floors.

high quality steel construction
many colors to choose from